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Nonton film 10000 Years Later (2015) Sub Indo

10000 Years Later (2015)

Quality: Year: Duration: 96 MinView: 179 views
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Hundreds of thousands of years after the collapse of civilization, the world is a post-tech wasteland, and is inhabited by humanoid tribes. The Peace held between them is threatened by the return of Wushen, an evil shape-shifting ghost of modern technology. Wushen threatens to enslave the world population. Zhuma, a ten-year-old girl is the heroine of the story, accompanied by Zhanggong, her lion-like Tibetan Mastiff dog. Chosen, and helped by a ethereal goddess she must assemble a band of allies from the surviving tribes to fight Wushen, and stop him from gaining control over an ancient power.

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Language: Mandarin